NAATI Accredited Professional Translators
Portuguese (Brazil)

Who are we
We are a small, independent and dynamic business offering services in the area of translation and language services as well as cross-cultural awareness training for Portuguese and English.

This website provides our online resources relating to all aspects of LiaRio services. We are also offering online translation services. Please use the Contact Us form if you require more information.

Company’s background
LiaRio was established in 1997. Our company has been providing translation/interpreting and language instruction services to a wide range of clients, including Australian government departments, donor agencies such as UNDP (United Nations Development Program) and AusAID, and large multi national companies, such as Woodside Petroleum.

Where are we
We are based in Perth - the capital city of Western Australia. Western Australia is the largest of the Australian States, covering an area of 2.5 million square kilometres. Perth has a very culturally diverse population nearing 1.5 million. The City is situated on the banks of the Swan River. Perth is a clean, safe and friendly. The City offers a very relaxed lifestyle. The City provides up-to-date information technology infrastructure facilitating effective and efficient online services.

Our Team
We are NAATI Accredited Professional Translators. Our translators are well-educated and fully qualified Portuguese (European and Brazilian) translators and English speakers. They form a harmonious team providing a high quality level of professional translations fully meeting our Customers’ expectations.

Technology we use
LiaRio uses TRADOS software – the leading translation software solutions - helping our accredited translators to maintain rigorous consistency of terminology and translating style throughout the whole translation project, be it of legal, financial, scientific or technical nature, and significantly accelerates the delivery of our services.

TRADOS allows us to maintain the same terminology and style pattern for each Customer. The TM (Translating Memory) creates a customised set of individual records for each Customer which can be retrieved whenever the Customer requires a new translation on the same subject.

Quality of our work
Our highly trained and accredited translators have wide range of professional and personal experiences in the "real world" which makes them capable of producing the service of the highest standards at internationally competitive prices.

We believe that translating involves not just the semantic considerations but also style, expression of ideas and cultural aspects of the provided translation service. This is achieved thorough understanding of what has been written and how to faithfully express the original content in the target language. Therefore linguistics and cultural knowledge of the Portuguese and English languages are essential.

Our price system
Our pricing structure allows for the first 100 words to be free of charge for the first time users. Our clients can take this opportunity to test us prior to placing a translation order, without any obligation. This discount does not apply to one-page personal documents, such as birth certificate and other.

We are confident that the quality of our documents is of the highest standards. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our service, we will re-supply the translation or fully refund the payment.

Please fill out our online service request form for more details.

Relevant experience
We have over ten years experience of translating Brazilian Portuguese as well as European Portuguese into English and vice versa.

Our translation services cover a broad range of areas including mining, oil industry and accounting companies. We have a demonstrated record of successes in translating complex documents for international clients, including the experience working in Timor-Leste (East-Timor) involving translation of technical and legal documents.

During our in-country work in Timor-Leste (East Timor) for the Ministry of Planning and Finances in Díli, we translated documents from English into Portuguese and Portuguese into English for several East Timorese agencies funded by the World Bank. We were involved in translating investment plans, minutes and reports from planning meetings and conferences. We translated a wide range of financial documents, including budget guidelines, procurement guidelines, tax legislation and various fiscal reports.

We also supported advisors working under UNDP and AusAID. We provided interpreter/liaison officers for a number of bi-laterally funded projects, including USAID, Ireland Aid, NZ Aid, Portugal’s Aid Agency, the EC, ADB, ILO, and JPDA.

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